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Chapter One now on iBooks!

The first chapter of Legend of the Ztarr is now available on the iPad through the Apple iBookstore. Check it out!

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Jhed and Adora

Tiny update: Some new artwork, featuring Adora Ztarr and Jhed Slayer. Check it out on DeviantArt or on Twitter.



Blog Post – Words of Kalen

Check out this post from Legend of the Ztarr mangaka, Sara E. Mayhew, from her There Are Four Lights blog:

There’s something I wrote down as part of Legend of the Ztarr (my manga series I’m currently writing) from a part of the story I haven’t gotten to yet. I hope it makes it into the story down the road, so I keep reminding myself of it. At some point, Adora (the main character) says “Pain is part of life and so, to me, that makes it a gift”. After saying this, she is told that those words are reminiscent of her father’s when he said:

Give me pain. Give me anguish. Give me heartache. For these are legacies to the living I will gladly endure. Countless are the dead and unborn who cannot know the joys of sorrow.

Ok, so her father, Kalen, liked to load on the cheese for his mini monologues…but I like the meaning. What Adora and her father have in common is their deep passion for living and how precious they consider life; even the painful, undesirable parts of living are precious to them. Perhaps it’s a little overboard, but they don’t even consider misery a “price to be paid” for living–even negative aspects of living feel like gifts in their view, because the alternative…nothing…is far worse in their eyes.



External Links

There are a few more places on the web to find LotZ content. A link to the official forums has been added to the nav menu; the Ztarr Manga Studio message board includes the other series created by mangaka Sara E. Mayhew, Secrets of Sorcerers and Love Pet. Head on over and post your questions/comments.

Sara E.M. also has a fairly new DeviantART account, where she has posted some drawings and sketchs–including some promo and concept art for Legend of the Ztarr. Here is one of the recent sketches:

Also, a reminder that you can find Sara E. Mayhew on Myspace and Facebook. Her official website, which includes a gallery, blog, bio, and info on convention appearances is available at


First Chapter Online


The first chapter of Legend of the Ztarr is now online. Choose to view the pages in a small (720px wide) or large (1080px wide) format. Note that each page should be read from right to left.

Volume I

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