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LEGEND OF THE ZTARR is written and illustrated by international award-winning mangaka, Sara E. Mayhew. The series follows the adventures of a young girl thrown into a quest to overthrow the oppressive Emperor of the Known Universe, Lord J’Nar, who fancies himself a living god. She finds herself trying to battle the zealous followers of Lord J’Nar alongside two opposing groups of non-believers.

Sara E. Mayhew is an international award-winning mangaka and TED Fellowship member. Applied Arts magazine featured her in their “Young Blood” article on “new talent commanding our attention”. The Ontario Arts council awarded her the Northern Arts grant for her work on her manga graphic novel series, Secrets of Sorcerers. Sara is an advocate of science literacy and raising public awareness of skepticism and critical inquiry. She has spoken at TED 2009, in Long Beach, CA., and TEDActive’10 in Palm Springs, CA., on communicating the values of critical thinking through storytelling.