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Sara E. Mayhew Awarded $10,000 OAC Grant


The Ontario Arts Council (OAC) has awarded Sara E. Mayhew a $10,000 grant for her series, Legend of the Ztarr, through their Northern Arts program. The Northern Arts program provides funding to emerging, mid-career and established individual artists and arts organizations in the northern Ontario region. Sara received the Northern Arts grant in 2007 for work on her graphic novel, Secrets of Sorcerers.

Mayhew is a resident of Kirkland Lake, ON, where she works as a mangaka, writer and freelance illustrator. Her work focuses on promoting skepticism and science through arts and entertainment. A 2009 TED Fellowship member, Sara is featured in a Nokia campaign video about her work, spoke at TEDActive’10 in Palm Springs, CA, is a contributor to Skeptic North, and was a main program speaker at The Amaz!ng Meeting 9 (TAM9) in Las Vegas, this past July.

You can follow Sara on twitter @saramayhew, facebook, Google+

Check out Legend of the Ztarr online and in all major ebook retailers.


External Links

There are a few more places on the web to find LotZ content. A link to the official forums has been added to the nav menu; the Ztarr Manga Studio message board includes the other series created by mangaka Sara E. Mayhew, Secrets of Sorcerers and Love Pet. Head on over and post your questions/comments.

Sara E.M. also has a fairly new DeviantART account, where she has posted some drawings and sketchs–including some promo and concept art for Legend of the Ztarr. Here is one of the recent sketches:

Also, a reminder that you can find Sara E. Mayhew on Myspace and Facebook. Her official website, which includes a gallery, blog, bio, and info on convention appearances is available at