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Book Signings

Get your copies of Legend of the Ztarr in print, just in time to have them autographed at upcoming 2012 events!

Legend of the Ztarr creator, Sara E. Mayhew, will be speaking at CSICon in Nashville, TN, October 25th-28th and at Eschanton in Ottawa, ON, November 30th to December 2nd, 2012. Also check out some of her other prints, posters, and tees available to be signed.



Meet Sara E. Mayhew at TAM 2011

Legend of the Ztarr creator, Sara E. Mayhew, will be a guest speaker at the Amaz!ng Meeting in Las Vegas, this week, July 14-17th. She’ll be presenting her talk, “Secular Storyteling”, on Sunday, July 17th, at 10:30am, which will touch on Legend of the Ztarr.

Interested TAM attendees can get their copy of Legend of the Ztarr right here through the website. Chapter 1 is available through iBooks, Amazon, Sony, Kobo, and Nook. Chapter 2 is available through Amazon and both chapters can be purchased through Smashwords. You can also read both chapters for free right here on Legend of the Ztarr‘s official site! Just remember that donations are appreciated.

Special Legend of the Ztarr promotional postcards will be available at the event for signing!

Another heads-up for TAM attendees; Sara has organized a facebook event for TAM attendees interested in the midnight showing of Harry Potter 7 at the hotel’s theater. Join Sara and your fellow Muggles Thursday night/Friday morning!