The Story

Adora is a violet-eyed forest girl from the planet Teri and the only surviving member of the Ztarr family. Her father, the great Kalen Ztarr, died in the battle to overthrow The Emperor of the Known Universe. Adora has been chosen by those still loyal to the House of Ztarr to replace her father in the prophecy which foretells the demise of the Emperor...

"The sword of Ztarr but once shall slay and end The Holy Emperor's reign." - The Third Prophecy of Jillian

Adora isn't aware of this prophecy until two off-worlders arrive on her homeworld, where she lives peacefully with her adopted family.


The Mangaka

Legend of the Ztarr is written and illustrated by the international award-winning mangaka, Sara E. Mayhew. Sara is also the creator of Love Pet and Secrets of Sorcerers, an indy manga graphic novel and online series. Secrets of Sorcerers was awarded the IMAF "Best Comic for Teens" by the International Manga and Anime Festival, in 2005. The prize money was invested in publishing the first volume in the series, which has since enjoyed great success as an independently published graphic novel. In 2007, the Ontario Arts Council awarded Sara the Northern Arts grant to support the production of Secrets of Sorcerers Vol. 2.

Sara operates a studio as a professional illustrator specializing in creating manga artwork for individual clients and publishing companies. Some of her work has been with Canadian children's educational publishers such as Owl Kids and Scholastic. Owl Kids featured her artwork on the cover of the special Japan issue of their ChickaDEE magazine along with several inner page commissions. She worked as illustrator for The First Emperor, a graphic novel in Scholastic's "Timeline" educational series.

The prestigious Canadian graphic arts magazine, Applied Arts, featured Sara in their 2005 Young Blood article on "new talent commanding our attention". Since then, she has been invited to several anime conventions across North America as guest mangaka. Recently, Sara was chosen to attend the TED 2009 conference in Long Beach, CA. The conference chooses 20 individuals who demonstrate an exceptional talent, achievement or value to the TED community to attend their annual gathering of the world's greatest thinkers and doers.